7' & 8' Tall Cabinets

We have the largest cabinets in the industry. Our 7 foot tall cabinets are a full 7 feet off the floor. Our 8 foot tall cabinets that are a full 8 feet off the floor.

These come in 2 foot, 3 foot and 4 foot wide sizes. The interior depth is a full 24 inches deep (usable Space). We can also vary the depth to meet your space requirements, i.e., 18 inches deep, 16 inches deep or whatever.

We also have Tall Garage Cabinets with Drawers built into the Doors. Or you can add Pull Outs, Drawers behind the Doors.

Corner Cabinets:

Our corner cabinets are the largest in the industry. The 7' corner unit has 74 cu. foot capacity and the 8' unit has 85 cu. foot of storage.

We designed these cabinets for the maximum use of material to minimize cost. Although we seldom find it necessary, our sizes can be altered for a custom fit.

Windsor Mahogany Garage Storage



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