Do It Yourself

You can download these instructions in PDF format.

You will need Adobe Reader. Get it here .

When designing your garage storage you first have to figure out how best to store you things. Here are a few things to take into consideration.

  1. What are you storing?
  2. Do you need a work bench?
  3. Do you want just storage or a showroom for your vehicles?
  4. Graph paper is an easy way to layout your garage. Do a drawing of each wall. An elevation (looking at the wall) and a plan view of the garage (looking down on the floor).
  5. Things to pay attention to:
      1. Ceiling height.
      2. Is there a curb (Stem Wall)? The concrete ledge that the walls sit on. What is the height at the tallest point (normally at the garage door)?
      3. The height of the garage door rail from the top of the curb.
      4. Distance from the curve of the garage door rail to the garage door wall.
      5. Window(s) location and height from the floor.
      6. Door locations and distances from the corners.
      7. The electrical panel (DON"T EVEN THINK ABOUT COVERING IT UP). We do cover sprinkler controls and built in vacuums as well as gun safes.
      8. If you plan on doing the floor, it should be done before cabinet insulation (allow a week for curing).




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