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  1. What is the Euro System?
  2. What is different about your Garage Cabinets ?
  3. Can I put these in myself. ?
  4. I have a unique situation ?
  5. Can my cabinets be changed at a later date?
  6. What do you do about electrical panels?
  7. What if my window is in the way?
  8. I have a question! (Form)

What is the Euro System ?

   Commonly known in the industry as the "32 mm System", Also known as frame less (the face frame) cabinets. A frame less cabinet has no wood frame on the front of the cabinet. Frame less cabinets were developed in Europe at the end of World War II as a solution to the problem of having to rebuild millions of homes while lacking the wood to make traditional framed cabinets. Frame less construction quickly became the standard as the 32 mm system was developed. This system is based on the placement of all holes, hinge fittings, cabinet joints and mountings being spaced 32 mm apart. The European boring equipment used to manufacture the cabinet components is based on this measurement. Frame less cabinetry allows greater accessibility into the cabinet, - better use of the available space. With no face frame to close down the opening, door opening widths and heights are larger. Drawers are also larger with frame less cabinets.

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What is different about Our Garage Cabinets ?

Our Units are designed for Garages, Our Standard Units are full height, 7 & 8 feet tall, and a full 24" deep.  We use 3/4 " Melamine and IGPB (Industrial Grade Particle  Board). We use a redundant system of Glued Dowels and RTA Fittings (Ready To Assemble). Some suppliers use use just Dowels, Screws, or RTA Fittings. We use both. This system eliminates the need for clamping and is a double locking system. Our Standard Drawer construction utilizes Metal Drawer Sides, Our Drawers have a 100 lb. Rating. We also use Leveler Legs. These Legs raise the cabinet off of the floor.  

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Can I put these in myself. ?

You bet! The only tools required are a Phillips #2 Screwdriver (an electric Drill would be faster), Hammer, some patience, and a Garage.

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I have a unique situation ?

Our system is designed to handle most unique situations. This is a modular system, which means each unit can stand alone or be grouped as a whole. We will be more than happy to help you lay out your design.

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Can my Cabinets be changed at a later date?

Yes. For instance, if you had a lower unit with just doors on it, we can remove the doors and put in drawers, pull outs. etc. as well as many other accessories.  All our cabinets are designed to easily facilitate changes you might want at a later time.  Our shelves are adjustable, too, so you can place them wherever they will be the most convenient for you.  And more shelves can always be added if you find you want more. 

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What do you do about electrical panels?

We always leave electrical panels exposed and easy to access.  Not only is it a pain to find and have to unload shelves or other obstructions in the dark (or whenever for that matter), it is extremely dangerous to not have them immediately accessible. It's also illegal.

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What if my window is in the way?

 We go to great lengths to avoid infringing on a window.  Our cabinets come in such various sizes, we have yet to have to cover any part of a window ever.  We strive to enhance your windows and utilize the light.  

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